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Mommy Makeover – Newport Beach

OVERVIEW Pregnancy is a beautiful sight to behold, but it can cause undesired changes to the body that may leave a woman uncomfortable in her skin. Commonly known as Mommy Makeover, this extensive body contouring includes a tummy tuck, breast lift, and a variety of other procedures for areas of the body that may have …

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Liposuction – Newport Beach

OVERVIEW Liposuction is a very common procedure ideal for those who are in need of assistance with contouring their body. Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures throughout the United States, with many practitioners performing the surgery. It is best to consult with am experienced surgeon, such as Irvine cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite Bernett, when considering undergoing liposuction. Dr. …

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Labiaplasty – Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

OVERVIEW Labiaplasty, also known as vaginal rejuvenation surgery, is a common procedure that addresses cosmetic and functioning concerns of the vagina. With a wide variety of tightening, contouring, and skin removal techniques used for this procedure, Irvine cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite Bernett, will choose the most beneficial technique for you and your needs. Vaginal rejuvenation surgery has …

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Fat Transfer – Newport Beach

OVERVIEW Fat transfer surgery offers many benefits as an alternative to implants or injectable fillers. Irvine cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite Bernett, uses fat transfer surgery for facial rejuvenation treatments, butt augmentations, and more. Patients who are considering surgery to change their appearance but do not want anything foreign, like an implant, in their body should consider …

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Butt Lift – Newport Beach

OVERVIEW A butt lift is a procedure that offers individuals the opportunity to attain tighter and more toned buttocks through cosmetic surgery. Natural body changes, such as aging and weight loss, can leave the rear-end sagging with unwanted loose skin. Patients who experience a massive weight loss may have significant wrinkling and loose skin under …

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Brazilian Butt Lift – BBL

OVERVIEW For those who are experiencing a flat, unshapely rear-end, Brazilian butt lift surgery may be a suitable procedure to add shape and volume. Many individuals experience flattened buttocks because of genetics, weight loss, and/or aging. This can negatively affect the way in which your clothes fit, as well as impact your self-esteem. Irvine cosmetic surgeon, Dr. …

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