Breast Revision

OVERVIEW Breast revision surgery is a common procedure that seeks to correct the issues within the breasts that the patient has deemed as problematic. Most commonly, patients who are seeking this surgery are still striving to achieve their goals following a breast augmentation, such as patients who have found that they chose the wrong size implant. Other corrections made during breast …

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Breast Reduction

OVERVIEW Large breasts can often cause discomfort or physical ailments that can leave you unsatisfied with your overall appearance. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that removes the excessive amount of fat, tissue, and skin from the breast and gives patients a more proportionate and shapely figure. During consultation with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Marguerite Bernett, patients …

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Breast Reconstruction

OVERVIEW Patients who have undergone a mastectomy often suffer from confidence issues and are typically uncomfortable with their appearance. The decision to undergo breast reconstruction surgery is a very brave and personal decision that Dr. Marguerite Bernett is honored to help her patients in Los Angeles, Irvine, and beyond make with confidence. Breast reconstruction surgery is a series of procedures …

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Breast Lift

OVERVIEW Over time, breasts may change in size and shape due to natural factors, such as weight loss, pregnancy, or aging. During this time, the breasts may lose their perkiness and begin to sag. If you are experiencing these undesired changes with your breasts, a breast lift surgery with Irvine cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite Bernett, may …

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Breast Augmentation

OVERVIEW Breast augmentation surgery helps patients to improve the overall appearance of their breasts by adding volume and contouring them for a fuller appearance. Dr. Marguerite Bernett, an Irvine female cosmetic surgeon, has extensive experience in breast augmentation surgery and assures her patients that they will achieve the look they desire through this common surgical procedure. During …

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