Celine Nesjan, RN, Nurse Practitioner

Celine Nesjan, Nurse Practitioner

ABOUT Celine

Meet Celine Nesjan RN, APRN

We are very proud and excited to welcome the  newest addition to our Medical Aesthetic team, Celine Nesjan RN, Nurse Practitioner.

Celine brings over 20 years of nursing experience in peri operative patient care, operating surgical nurse specialties and ICU. She will be assisting during surgery, offering pre and post operative care for our patients, including in-home overnight post operative care. She has refined skills in communicating compassionately with patients, and is a consummate perfectionist in delivering the best care for her patients.

Along with her extensive medical experience in peri operative patient care, Celine is trained in aesthetic medicine and women’s health. She brings great skill and services to our practice.

Celine graduated Sigma Theta Tau. Her extensive work experience has included many well known University Hospitals  including Yale and Loma Linda. Her medical background in nursing facilitated the development of specialized skills in perioperative care, women’s health, and includes a passion for aesthetics. She loves communicating with and educating patients, so they can make the best decisions for their aesthetic treatments, surgeries  and wellness.

“ Looking and feeling our best inspires health and vitality. Well planned aesthetics and wellness treatments, touches both the body and mind,” Celine Nesjan RN, APRN.

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