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Obalon Weight Reduction


Orange County cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite J. Bernett, offers the latest advancements for her patients seeking natural, safe weight loss. We are proud to offer Obalon, an FDA-approved, six-month weight reduction system that uses three small air-filled balloons that occupy the upper stomach, thereby reducing the sensation of hunger. This procedure works great for individuals who desire weight loss, but have struggled to attain the results they desire through their own programs and lifestyles. During a thorough consultation, Dr. Bernett will evaluate if the patient is a candidate for Obalon, which has shown to offer outstanding results for our patients.

Obalon Facts:

  • Obalon is the first and only swallowable, lightweight balloon system for weight loss
  • Studies have proven that an average of 89% of weight loss resulting from Obalon was kept off for a minimum of six months after the balloons were removed. The results lasted even longer when combined with a healthy diet, lifestyle, and exercise program.
  • Obalon is an easy, in-office procedure. The placement of each balloon generally takes less than ten minutes and requires no surgery, sutures, sedation, or recovery.




This effective and weight loss system has helped many patients avoid having invasive abdominal weight loss surgery. The Obalon Balloon system is effective for patients with 20- 75 pounds of excess weight. It is intended for adults with a Body Mass Index between 30 – 40.. One capsule is swallowed and then inflated with air every three weeks. After a third capsule is swallowed, the balloons stay in place for three additional months for a total of six months. The Obalon air-filled balloons provide a feeling fullness and suppress the appetite leading to weight loss. During this time, nutritional counseling and lifestyle counseling is available to our patients. This is highly encouraging since it provides the tools to improve dietary choices and consistent exercise.

There are minimal side effects with the Obalon procedure, normally involving only temporary mild nausea and cramps — treatable with medication if needed. Dr. Bernett’s mission is to provide healthy and proven nutritional and lifestyle changes for patients, to feel better, and improve self-confidence.

After many years of performing body contouring surgery, Dr. Bernett found a system to help patients lose weight and change their lifestyle for continued success with looking and feeling better.




The ongoing learning by the patient with their nutritional and lifestyle counselors continues to help with weight management after the balloons are removed in six months. The patient is monitored monthly by Dr. Bernett and her staff. By participating in nutritional counseling, which includes cooking classes, lifestyle-changing advisors, and exercise classes, a complete support system is continued that prepares you for continued weight management success after the balloons are removed.



We invite you to call our Orange County cosmetic surgery practice and learn more about Obalon today. So many of our patients benefit from this nonsurgical, easy method of weight reduction while at the same time improve their everyday habits in order to maintain the results. Obalon is safe and effective, and offers very high success rates for our Newport Beach patients.

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